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  • How long does the guacamole last?
    Our guacamole lasts 3-5 days. The lime juice keeps the product fresh. Stir between uses.
  • Is it normal for my salsa to have a gelatin consistency?
    Yes, that is absolutely normal! Once refrigerated the salsa will gel a bit due to the pectin in the tomatillos. Simply stir it and let it sit at room temperature or add a tsp of warm water.
  • How long do the salsas typically last?
    Our salsas last around 10-12 days. No preservatives are added to maintain the freshness of our products.
  • Are your salsas canned?
    Our salsas are not canned. They are fresh, and therefore they do need to be refrigerated.
  • Where do you make your products?
    Great question! We make our products fresh every week at a local commercial kitchen.
  • Can I return my jars?
    Yes, absolutely - we encourage customers to return their jars so that we can reuse them. Jars that are returned are sanitized and reused, which we love to do! We intentionally use glass jars for that very reason.
  • Is shipping available?
    Not at this time. Local delivery for a small fee will be available soon! And, if you are local, be sure to pre-order for our next pop-up market.
  • Do you offer catering?
    Yes, we are offering catering. Please submit an inquiry with the details of the event and date you're needing, and we will get back to you with a quote.
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